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About Our Founder

Tej Samani

Founder and CEO of Performance Learning, Tej has dedicated the last decade of his life to Performance Learning and his mission to improve the lives of every struggling pupil in every classroom and in every country.

Like many entrepreneurs in the making, Tej had a less-than-traditional start to his career. Surprisingly for someone who has made improving the learning outcomes and performance of young people in education his life's work - his educational journey was a difficult one. He struggled with conventional academic subjects and focused his energy on sports, in particular, tennis and is a former ATP Touring Professional.

Fast forward to today, Tej is a One Young World Ambassador, one of the youngest to ever receive a Freeman Award for The City Of London. He is the author of multiple publications and has been featured in the British and worldwide press.






Tej spends time with Performance Learning, trying to help the most hard-to-reach learners in some of the most struggling schools where students from all walks of life face varied challenges. Outside of schools, his clientele includes senior members of the Royal Family through to Hollywood executives. He is a regular podcast guest for the likes of the edTech podcasts and can often be found at roundtable discussions for organisations such as the tmrw institute. Tej has been featured on BBC World Service discussing the importance of sleep and presented at the 2017 Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai.


Over a decade of research, development, and investment has gone into making Performance Learning what it is today. Having partnered with Oxford Brookes University University, University College London's Institute of Education and Coventry University, Tej continues to push the frontiers of education research. For ten years, Tej has taken a multidisciplinary approach to develop technology and framework that focuses on the core question, ‘what is the most sustainable and transferable way to boost performance, and can this be delivered through AI?'To date, Tej has first-authored four peer-reviewed papers in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education.


As the Founder and CEO of Performance Learning, the platform has gone from strength to strength over the last ten years. The tech Tej invented is now deployed across five sectors, while most recently, Performance Learning as a framework has been approved as an official OFQUAL-regulated qualification.

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“The only way to change the world and make it a
better place is to positively influence the generations
that today look up to you.”

-Tej Samani

Speaking Engagements

For Learners

From struggling student to tennis pro, academic and now entrepreneur, Tej and his company Performance Learning are responsible for transforming the confidence, well-being and academic skills of thousands of learners across the globe.

And as any good teacher knows, there’s nothing quite like in the room, face-to-face teaching or speaking to really engage an audience. This is why Tej is now more in-demand than ever before.

With a steady mix of engaging real-life stories, hacks and how-to’s picked up from decades of research, investment and training, and of course, his relatable youthful touch and presentation style, wherever Tej speaks, he has every learner on the edge of their seats.

Whether he’s talking to year 7’s embarking on their first year in secondary school or year 11’s beginning their GCSEs, your learners will leave your event or assembly feeling more motivated, empowered and ready to fulfil their true academic potential.

With our user-friendly interface and expertly curated content and learning pathways covering everything from essential digital skills to literacy, Young Offenders can engagingly access education and training in a way they may never have experienced before.

At Performance Learning, we believe that education and training are the keys to success for anyone, regardless of their past. By offering a wide range of pathways and resources, we can help Young Offenders develop the skills they need to succeed in and out of prison.

For Organisations

Whether it’s in the UK or even the UAE, in addition to his presentations in schools, Tej is equally at home engaging audiences of over 1,000 people at a time on subjects such as ‘Mankind’s Biggest Challenge for the Next Century’ or the advancements of Artificial Intelligence as an advisor to the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.

Tej has also been featured on BBC World Service discussing the importance of sleep and presented at the 2017 Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai.

With a range of expertise and specialisms, including sleep habits, AI, academia, ethics and entrepreneurship, Tej welcomes invitations for speaking engagements at your next event.